Saturday, March 13, 2010

Union I Progress and Democracy (II)

I wrote a few weeks ago a post telling why UPyD did not have to cause us many headaches at electoral level.
I usually do not do futorología, I do not like playing to advinar what it can spend. But yes that I think that it is necessary to bear in mind the possible spaces that can go so far as to give in the future, to be prepared before what happens.
In Madrid we must go preparing for the institutional UPyD irruption. This party has been nourished of a speech españolista, completely emptily in many topics. The right mediática has used Rosa Díez in fronts and news about very much space, when he was criticizing the Spanish socialist party in topics related to the model of the state.
Neither in the rest of topics nor position meets them, one nor waits for them.
It is very probable that UPyD between strongly in some places. It is very probable that in Madrid voter catches city very much aguirrista discontented with Gallardón, and that in the rest of the lame community voters gallardonistas full of Aguirre. To that vote will be necessary to add him he protests and disappointed ex-voters of the Spanish socialist party.
Where is not ball going to itch? Very well, I compete a dinner to which in places where the Spanish socialist party has a speech españolista and there is no divided PP, it does not go to extract anything. Attentive to the results that the Spot will obtain in Extremadura or Castile.
What will be his trip? Very well, it is an ultraselfish party. The parties that center so much his politics on only one person have the problem that when this person disappears, or commits some fat error, they go flat. In this party nobody does shade to his leader, and who does it to himself, finishes out.
Or they change very much the things into UPyD or it will have the trip that Rosa Díez has.
While the PP was far in the surveys, in the right mediática they had court great. You interview thoroughly, fronts, minutes in radioes and televisions... But now when the PP can be close to gaining the elections, the thing changes. With the power it is not played.
In one year, after the policewomen, if the expectations are fulfilled and in some institutions of Madrid they eliminate the absolute majorities, being able UPyD to play an umpire's role, they are going to have to be defined.
And that one can become the beginning of the end. It will have that posicionarse for supporting the PP or the Spanish socialist party.
Right now they can support any of the two. But on having had to be praised by one or for other, inevitably, it is going to move away on behalf of his electorate, since it will have to center on a sector, and will begin competing openly with one of two majority parties. And there the pranks will be finished. With the power it is not played.
The PP has a clear bet for being the party of the right. It catches from the ultraright one (where is the percentage of vote extreme right-winger who exists in other countries of our environment?) up to the center.
The Spanish socialist party already loses enough votes for the left, as to lose also for the center.
Also, it will eliminate the stigma of "outsider" that it has now, since they will be visualized like one more party.
This political space, it us is very favorable to us, since we will have to 3 parties competing for the center, and will have a wide space for which to fight, the space of the left.
We must center our action on economic topics, because there it is where our difference will be seen clearly, and all his similar ones.
While we make public a clear defender of the services, of the rights of the workpeople, of the direct taxes, of a share-out of the wealth, of the environmental protection... we will be seen like a different organization, because in that UPyD, PP and Spanish socialist party scarcely have differences.

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