Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Orlando Zapata

My position with Cuba, I made his people and his politics well clear in a post 8 months ago. I am not a person who hides. I could not have written on this topic earlier for two motives: it was tied up by personal topics and I do not like rushing.
There are the people who prefers to be the first one in writing on something and in marking position quickly. This usually brings a serious error, the absence of rigorousness.
I am going to make a thing clear from the beginning so that nobody prevaricates my words; I am sorry about any death in any place of the world. I have never been a supporter not neither of the torture, or of the death penalty or anything similar.
Therefore, to raise at a height of political martyr Orlando Zapata seems a little so excessive as unjustified to me. Moreover, to consider it a political activist, is to be missing to the reality.
Yoani Sanche z is a political activist. Fibber, yes, but activist. His position and his activity is known. We know the position and activity of many Cuban who are against of the political system that exists in Cuba. We even know the existence of a group of organized women who demonstrate in Cuba whenever they think that they have to do it.
I am not going to enter in debating the political positions of these people, because I believe that it is already more than refuted by persons who deserve very much respect to me and who make it better than I.
But nobody with an objectivity minimum can correct to the Cuban dictatorship system, when in this country the opponents demonstrate when they want, write what they think and none of them, for being evident or for thinking, has trodden on the jail.
The Cuban Socialism, like all the political systems, has his wise moves and his errors. Those that we consider Marxists we do analysis more possible targets (without neglecting the ideology) to come closer to the maximum the reality. Only across a realistic analysis we can come to a few accurate conclusions. I do not even defenses at any cost, not irrational criticism on nothing. My ideology is marked by the analysis that I do, not the other way round.
For me the Marxism is a method of analysis of scientific approach. And like Marxist, I try not to allow me to go neither for fashions, tags nor nothing for the style.
In a dictatorship not perimite neither the right of assembly, nor declaration nor opinion. In Cuba these three rights are guaranteed entirely nowadays. For not speaking about the aptitude to choose or of being chosen for any public position.
There will be the people who will say to me that I am wrong. The accepted thing, but that demonstrates me with information or facts in what I it am.
Saying this, I recapture the initial topic.
Every criticism, inside or out of the island, which is done as regards the government or Cuban system, it is amplified to the maximum. Up to such a point that the dissolved Commission of Human rights of the UNO, in 2003 there prepared a list of supposed political prisoners (I do not say that they are, if not that prepared a list where it was said that they were), where in no side his name appears.
That's why we did not know the existence of Orlando Zapata, because he has ever been a political activist.
It is necessary to be rigorous with the affirmations that we do.
This man entered the jail for the first time in 1988 for committing crimes of the type "Swindle, Injuries, Tenancy of Cutting weapons, Alteration of the Order, Damages and resistance."
If this there are political crimes, 80 % of the prisoners of this country should receive the same consideration.
According to The World, the hunger strike was "after the Government was refusing to accept his demands, between them, dress the white clothes of dissident and not the uniform of common recluse. Also, he protested for the conditions in which the political prisoners are and refused to eat the ranch that provides the penalty, in his place, to feed only on the meal that, every three months, his mother was taking him to the jail".
This political martyr it is for wanting to dress clothes of color different from that of the rest of recluses. It is the only "political activity" of which we have had knowledge for any mass communication media.
There are the people who criticizes the action of the Cuban government in this case. Some of them believe that he has died for omission of the government. What should have done? To feed it by force?. The necessary feeding is considered to be a form of torture, since it goes against the free determination of an individual.
What would be said if one had fed by force Orlando Zapata?
It is necessary to criticize Cuba, as to Venezuela, Spain or Germany, in what we think that one harms. But it is not necessary to distort the reality to justify our opinions.

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