Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seseña as example of the politics

He was commenting to you on another day that had intention of taking part in the march against the corruption. And this way I did.
Hugo says, that the march had a little of assertiveness of the militancy. And it has reason great. The fact that the PP, the Spanish socialist party, UPyD and many other political organizations neither have wanted to join the march, they have not even showed if he wants his support, it gives good sample of the political characterization of every organization.
For IU, not as for the PP-PSOE-UPyD, etc, the struggle against the corruption is something priority. Not only priority, it is something real. Few cases of corruption that we have had, quickly have put themselves in quarantine. And when it has been necessary to expel them, they have been expelled.
Even the Spanish socialist party had the audacity of criticizing the march against the corruption.
In other parties they have to catch you in fraganti with the cart of the ice creams, so that perhaps they open informative records to you.
I have a partner who says that we do little proselytism. It is right. As the courtyard is, is the moment to say again that we not all are equal, that we all commit our mistakes, but that there are mistakes and mistakes.
The initiative of the march against the corruption, I think that it has been a success. It might have been better, undoubtedly, but bearing in mind that it is the first time in many years that we mount a soirée of this type, we can be satisfied.
The IU militancy wants to take the street again.
And an extracted perception is not of anything. The march was ending in the cultural club of Madrid. It is not that it was not taking a soul in the cultural club, the fact is that there were tens persons who had to remain out.
This blog is not acritico with anything, therefore I am not thinking about being an oficialista suspect in any place. So I can give peacefully the congratulations to which the inicitiva occurred, to who exist currado from the beginning and those that they it turned into a question of the whole organization.
To all of them / expert, was useful to do a request to them: We want more.
It notices: As always, the zeros have several reportages of photos and videos very finished for all / expert that one / expert that you could not go. Like someone again Pedro Mellado, it joined this fashion.

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