Friday, March 19, 2010

Union I Progress and Democracy. (I)

From the appearance of this party, the whole world has been looking at them with mistrust because there was not known the one who was harming. At first the fears were groundless. Nowadays we have elements sufficiently to see the one who must worry.
We are going to throw an eye to a survey:
I need that you look at this stage of CIS. These surveys are done asking the same persons, some years later, to see his behavior / evolution. To go away to the question 47. It is read by lines, not by columns.
QUESTION 47 PROCEEDS OF P45. ONLY TO THOSE WHO WENT TO VOTE AND VOTED IN THE ELECTIONS TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT OF 2009 (5 in P45). Might he say to me the name of the party or coalition for which you voted in the elections to the European Parliament of last Sunday, the 7th of June?
Spanish socialist party PP IU/ICV UPyD Coalición for Europe Europe of the Green Peoples Other parties En white person N.C. ENTIRE Spanish socialist party % 87.3 4.2 1.5 0.9 1.0 0.8 0.7 1.0 2.6 100.0 (N) (870 () 42) (14) (8) (10) (8) (6) (10) (25) (997) PP % 0.4 94.5 0.4 1.7. 0.4 0.2 1.0 1.5 100.0 (N) (2 () 599) (2) (10). (2 () 1) (6) (9) (634) IU/ICV % 19.4 1.3 66.4 1.0. 1.8 1.8 2.4 5.9 100.0 (N) (13 () 0) (44) (0). (1 () 1) (1) (4) (67)
Since you can verify, of the people who voted for us in the personal details, it turned us to vote in the Europeans for 66,4 %. To the Spanish socialist party it us goes away 19,4 %, and to UPYD a 1 %. To the PP they us went away a 1,3 %. At electoral level we should worry more for the votes that we lose directed to the PP than to UPYD, since so much per cent is major.
But let's continue.
Of the voters of the Spanish socialist party in the personal details, 0,9 % voted to the party of Rosa Diez in the Europeans. In case of the PP the above mentioned percentage raises 1,7 %. As the PP and the Spanish socialist party have many more votes that IU, these percentages are those who shape the thickness of the contributions of votes that UPyD of other parties receives.
For taking it to absolute terms, taking the results of the personal details, and applying the percentages earlier mentioned, the thing would remain more or less like that:
PP: 172.889
IU: 9.630
This absolute information is not for anything true, it is an estimation on having applied the percentages of earlier. I have put them so that they give a clear image about what we are speaking. Of 449.499 votes that they obtained in the Europeans, we might say that concerning approximately 10.000 they were persons who voted for us in the personal details.
Of the PP and of the Spanish socialist party it scratched approximately 272.000.
The numbers speak themselves.
At electoral level scarcely his appearance affects us, since to who it is taking votes from them it is to the Spanish socialist party and to the PP.
Now, tomorrow or past we will speak about political fiction taking UPyD as a center.

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