Saturday, March 20, 2010

The problem is much more serious than it seems to simple it dresses. Notes on Herman Tertsch and his famous drubbing

What longer title.
Herman Tertsch is a journalist who has landed not long ago in the most profitable journalistic area to the west of the Missisipi: The Community of Madrid. Obviously it is very profitable if you are ready to manipulate, to lie, to be missing to the reality, to invent or synonymous any other that occurs to you.
In all sides they cook broad beans. All the mass media answer to interests of managerial groups that have, logically, political interests that it makes them take part in a few or other leaders.
In all sides they cook broad beans, and in all sides it gives a little of disgust to read certain newspapers. In Extremadura we have a very good example of what is the accommodating journalism, the Today. It is not excessively manipulative, simply it does as it was doing earlier The Country, I decide what news is and what it is not. It can do it because it is that of major regional throw.
The nobility of this newspaper is that it is capable always well of speaking about the government, be which is. In the meeting he praises the Spanish socialist party, in cities as Badajoz where it governs the PP it does the proper thing.
In all sides they cook broad beans, but that thing about the CAM is something that is not seen in all places. I believe that only Valencia might be compared. Here we have had cases in which autonomic advisers have lied (I am referring to the case Lick it and the famous sedations) shamelessly, and a wide coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, not only echo of his lies has been made, but they have theorized, reflected, argued, debated... in the line that was marking the power.
It has gone over at such a level, that Telemadrid, / grasp the TV of all the persons from Madrid / experts it is having the lowest levels of hearing of his history. Up to such a point that if a screen goes out in black for a strike, the hearing level supposes 10 % of the average of the chain.
Here in Madrid, the truth and the respect to the reality long ago that were expelled from the community.
They beat Herman in a glasses bar, so many people of the dawn, and the uncle was not capable of remembering what had happened. There does not occur to the uncle another thing to say that it is an ideological aggression. And he blames the Big Wyoming for generating a hate climate. That is said by the uncle who said: "if it should kill 15 ó 20 members of To The Qaeda for liberating three compatriots, it would do it without the minor doubt".
About this topic the president of the community spoke, it gave itself spaces in news, articles about opinion, and the whole coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, not only they were doing echo of his lies to themselves, but they were theorizing, reflecting, were arguing, debating... in the line that was marking the power.
Herman was saying that the material authors of such a crime could be "Moors, antifascist or the normal people of the movies or the SGAE". In the end, there turned out to be the proprietor of a bar of glasses, on rights.
But it does not matter. Here in Madrid someone, from the springs of the power, might say that It Gives hope to Aguirre he accompanied Columbus in the discovery of America, which discovered the penicillin or accompanied Armstrong, Collins and Aldrín in the first moon landing, and seriously, you can believe me, that there would be the whole coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, which not only would do echo of this lie to themselves, but they would theorize, would reflect, would argue, they would debate... in the line that marks the power.

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