Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I insist, in Spain the sparrows shoot against the hunters.

Yes darlings / experts friends / experts. I commented already to you in an occasion, if you did not know it, that in this country in which we live, the fighters against the corruption were denounced by the supposed corrupt ones.
The case is repeated, and again they shoot against IU. Curiosities of the life.
In this occasion the honest one has been Marina Albiol delegated of the Valencian courts. This partner has committed the serious supposed crime of distributing in 2007 the sticker that this post accompanies.
For distributing this sticker, the Top Court of Justice - that apparently does not have things more important to be investigated - it has opened procedure for terms of abuse and calumnies against the deputy of Esquerra Unida of the Country Valencia.
The informer has 8 crimes imputed behind him. Not for distributing stickers, if not for bribery, corruption, crimes against the public funds... And they must be serious, because it takes several imputed years, and the cases do not stop being judged.
The curiosity happens, that the holders of the courts entrusted to investigate the cases against Fabra, usually go away without finishing his work. Any thought-out evil would say that it is that they receive pressures to go away. But since in this blog we do not characterize ourselves for thinking evil, we will not say it.
Fabra is an uncle suertudo, since apparently it has touched him the lottery in three occasions. Two million euros were the last time.
Changing topic, I am going to tell you a youth anecdote: a teacher of mathematics in the institute told to us that it was habitual to whiten dirty money (that is to say, to make the illegal money legal) buying prize-winning tickets. The mechanics is simple, you have, for setting, 2,3 million euros in black. You find out that to your neighbor they have touched 2 millions in an any drawing. You approach and say to him "neighbor looks, I buy to you the ticket for 2,3 millions".
If the neighbor gains access, you have lost 0,3 million euros, but you have gained the possibility of using 2 million euros that earlier you could not.
I do not know why I have remembered this anecdote.

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