Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red week of Hugo

On Friday I am examined of the card and have no time for almost at all. Almost one forgets me to put the red week. There it goes:

From Copse in For a three-quarter bed, the red week returns to Chamberí, from which it should never have gone out, since everybody knows that it is the neuralgic center of the world left.

For sample a button: Fausto Fernández asked Ignacio González (the vice-president of the Community of Madrid that according to the Pomegranate trees spies is walked by Colombia with bags of unknown content) for the golf course of Chamberí, with which he benefited the associates of his brother and of his brother-in-law and which the justice declared illegal. “That you do not say it to me in the street”, answered the leader of the party of the hijoputas and the university ornamental combs. It went out Lucky to the street, took a computer, and one said it in the street.

On February 16, 1936 the Popular Front won in the last democratic elections in many years: the right said to the citizenship that that one was not saying it in the street. In Steel Blochevique we have read a memory of that victory of the left and, therefore, of the democracy. While, Rafa was telling us from Kabila a few intense days on historical memory.

The political week has turned on new fashionable mantra: an agreement of the State that allows us to resign from a few acquired rights and from anyone that we try to conquer. Inés was placing the debate opposite to the hollow words. In the Congress of the Deputies it was discussed, supposedly, on the crisis. In the means it was not possible to find the speech of Gaspar Llamazares, delegated of the third political force: it was necessary to look for it in the Àngels blog. Sometimes the deputies gain themselves the salary, for many demagogy that exists on this matter: viul he was reflecting on the remunerations and privileges of our politicians.

Without need for agreements, almost all the parties agree in any things: while in Holland the governments break to go out of Afghanistan, in Spain the Commission of Defense authorized the mailing of more troops to the war with the affirmative vote of the Spanish socialist party, PP, CiU, PNV and UPyD while IU was supporting the flag of Not to the war. Ceronegativo was telling it to us wondering for the famous tweezer. While, in Diseccionando The Country we saw the manipulations that exist on this occupation war: we can see in photos marines American defending a father and his daughter of the bad talibans … The bad thing is that the same father and the same girl are defended by different marines and in different time exposures in different editions of the newspapers what will do that some evil-minded one suspects that the photo is only a theater to convince us in the kindness of the war.

For tweezer the one that it is necessary to put in the nose on having seen how the town hall in which more I vote for the Spanish socialist party is of Spain, parla (Madrid), gives itself public soil for compound school. In Flies in the Soup it is indicated by wise move that what it should to us differentiate to the left is the defense of the public thing.

In the RASD a united cycle career was celebrated with the Saharan people of the one that should account to herself in Gotes d'aigua. In Basque Country it was Mikel Arana who was reflecting on the possibility of obtaining the peace immediately after the recent declaration of the Left Basque nationalist. And Luis Ángel Aguilar was telling us the curious initiative of the Pazyasos. And while so many people do things for obtaining a more just and pacific world, others are still pawned to the censoring, the threat and the Inquisition: in The Victorian Espeto there was denounced the victory of the Christian fundamentalism that has managed to close an exhibition because the new torquemadas did not like that other persons could see it freely.

Finally, I want to indicate a text that I liked very much: we are a country in which there is very few political militancy and in which the scarce democratic culture stigmatizes the political militancy. That's why it makes illusion see how the utility of the militancy is recognized when we make use of it to give voice to groups who would not have voice without IU. Manolo Lay counts his case, which is representative of some of the gratifications that the militancy allows in Izquierda Unida.

The next week The Red Week will be prepared by Fight. How is life very far of Chamberí, it is possible that it does not go out for him badly. Let's trust in it.

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