Sunday, March 14, 2010

The real move of the government and the management one

In the week that the government announces, between other things, the pensionazo to us; the increase of the retirement age of the 65 to the 67, Delphi, a car company that has head office in Andalusia, announces that he is going to preretire the workpeople who are 50 years.
The move is very good.
Without knowing the labor Delphi conditions, I can do to the idea of that sure that the workpeople who patrol 48 years in this company, must have a few acceptable conditions as the courtyard is.
What will Delphi do, and like her, thousands of companies carroñeras of this country? With the new measures that the government tries to take, he will preretire workpeople who have moderately worthy working conditions, and will hire lads that he could dismiss instead of for 45 days for 33.
Fix you in detail in what happens: the government says that it lows the price of the dismissal from 45 to 33 years to encourage the work in the young people. The company, it takes and preretires workpeople to the 50. As the company has to keep on producing (after you see as you believe that these mansions are paid), it hires these new lads, who have less rights and go out cheaper.
The state gets angry, because he says that there is greatly drone sucking of the boat, and that it is necessary to raise the pensions to 67 years so that it does not break the pensions system. Onlooker, when the state might not give the good one to the early retirement of 50 years. But then the jugadada would not go out well.
What is the result of all this?
Since a few jobs that had a few relatively worthy conditions, have turned into a few precarious positions, and therefore many other profitable ones. Where earlier there was one / to trabajdor/a to the one that was more difficult to dismiss, that for years employed at the company sure that did not have bad salary, which had a claim culture.... now we will have to one / to chavalito/a to the one that it is possible to dismiss in an easier way (to the cheapest being), which will have a much lower salary, which for fear of being dismissed (since now it is easier to dismiss the young people) will be much less avenging and which above will have been to be working even the 67.
Who has gone out winning and who has gone out losing in this move?
For whom is ZP governing?
And the worst thing of everything is that they will say to us that this measurement is to encourage the employment, and we will believe it.

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