Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red week Copse in For a three-quarter bed

Here they have it:
East week dese Copse in For a three-quarter bed for that we shape I love IU has been a little blurred, since many topics have talked each other in the same one and in advance I say that it has been much complicated for my part to be able to realize a summary.
Internet has turned into an instrument of very important communication and more for organizations or persons who need to resist the ideas and opinions that are spilled from the big powers and Hugo in his blog great Who includes speech on the Internet one publishes.
One of the problem that all the workers and workers of this country worries is the crisis of the system that we suffer and I will start with to the reflection that Alberto Garzón realizes in his blog on the urgent need for a General Strike.
Ceronegativo tells us how they do in his work to catch the crisis “saving the Spaniard” and it is lowering the temperature of the heating from here I recommend to him to take a blanket.
It unis he mentions on the plan that there have the "Socialists" of whom we work up to 67 years and on the ILP that we are going to realize Izquierda Unida against the pensionazo and to reinforce, to give stability and safety to the pensions.
The VIH-Sida has turned into a world problem, although to Hope Aguirre it does not praise this matter matters very much and to reduced the subsidies for organizations and associations that are employed at this topic in the Comunicad of Madrid, Reyes Montiel speaks about it.
We keep on speaking about Madrid and it is like some they use the politics and it is insulting and discrediting when arguments are not had and this those of the PP very are right in it, in A salary of Moscow an example
The judge Baltasar Garzón this one of actuality after the denunciations of the ultraright one who has suffered for investigating the Franco period. Manolo Ruda, hangs on his blog a manifesto in his defense.
> Oto matter on the memory history has been the homage to the members of the realized Blue Division this week in the Cemetery of the Almudena. Kabila speaks to us about “the fascist Historical Memory”
On Saturday Ezker Batua celebrated his Political Convention, Roberto Cacho in his Musical blog, poet and madman and Mikel Arana in his blog Parlamentuan give us his version of the happened.
Today on Sunday we have woken up with the answer to the campaign of mailing of post office to The Advocate of the reader of The Country, Hugo tells us that to complain serves.
Not quite IU is political in I love and an example is that of Ceronegativo that counts since “cards put him” to the son of a friend of his.
The next week more and better for Hugo Martínez Abarca in his blog great Whom it includes.

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