Thursday, March 25, 2010

Example of honesty

Here you have an example of honest person:

I dress in the blog of Pedro Mellado.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look for me here

I go away cagando milk to the assembly and later holiday, of the republican Carabanchel cultural club. It is an open assembly in which one is going to try to give an impulse to this organization. I hope we are capable between all / expert.
If you are bored, to come to you that there will be good ambience.
We meet.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The problem is much more serious than it seems to simple it dresses. Notes on Herman Tertsch and his famous drubbing

What longer title.
Herman Tertsch is a journalist who has landed not long ago in the most profitable journalistic area to the west of the Missisipi: The Community of Madrid. Obviously it is very profitable if you are ready to manipulate, to lie, to be missing to the reality, to invent or synonymous any other that occurs to you.
In all sides they cook broad beans. All the mass media answer to interests of managerial groups that have, logically, political interests that it makes them take part in a few or other leaders.
In all sides they cook broad beans, and in all sides it gives a little of disgust to read certain newspapers. In Extremadura we have a very good example of what is the accommodating journalism, the Today. It is not excessively manipulative, simply it does as it was doing earlier The Country, I decide what news is and what it is not. It can do it because it is that of major regional throw.
The nobility of this newspaper is that it is capable always well of speaking about the government, be which is. In the meeting he praises the Spanish socialist party, in cities as Badajoz where it governs the PP it does the proper thing.
In all sides they cook broad beans, but that thing about the CAM is something that is not seen in all places. I believe that only Valencia might be compared. Here we have had cases in which autonomic advisers have lied (I am referring to the case Lick it and the famous sedations) shamelessly, and a wide coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, not only echo of his lies has been made, but they have theorized, reflected, argued, debated... in the line that was marking the power.
It has gone over at such a level, that Telemadrid, / grasp the TV of all the persons from Madrid / experts it is having the lowest levels of hearing of his history. Up to such a point that if a screen goes out in black for a strike, the hearing level supposes 10 % of the average of the chain.
Here in Madrid, the truth and the respect to the reality long ago that were expelled from the community.
They beat Herman in a glasses bar, so many people of the dawn, and the uncle was not capable of remembering what had happened. There does not occur to the uncle another thing to say that it is an ideological aggression. And he blames the Big Wyoming for generating a hate climate. That is said by the uncle who said: "if it should kill 15 ó 20 members of To The Qaeda for liberating three compatriots, it would do it without the minor doubt".
About this topic the president of the community spoke, it gave itself spaces in news, articles about opinion, and the whole coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, not only they were doing echo of his lies to themselves, but they were theorizing, reflecting, were arguing, debating... in the line that was marking the power.
Herman was saying that the material authors of such a crime could be "Moors, antifascist or the normal people of the movies or the SGAE". In the end, there turned out to be the proprietor of a bar of glasses, on rights.
But it does not matter. Here in Madrid someone, from the springs of the power, might say that It Gives hope to Aguirre he accompanied Columbus in the discovery of America, which discovered the penicillin or accompanied Armstrong, Collins and Aldrín in the first moon landing, and seriously, you can believe me, that there would be the whole coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, which not only would do echo of this lie to themselves, but they would theorize, would reflect, would argue, they would debate... in the line that marks the power.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did the man come to the moon?

I take several days discussing this with a partner. I admit that along my life I have thought everything what could think about this (in favor or in against. There is not any more). Know that presently I think that yes it went over. Know also that during several periods of my life I have weighed the opposite.
I know all the theories: that if the lighting, that if the shades, that if the traces of the trasbordador, that if the flag, that if the C on the rock, that if the suits... And skylight, all of them with arguments in one or another sense.
It costs, I know that it is a bullshit, but seriously I have turned to grate.
Certainly, I recommend a documentary much entertained on this topic. I tell you what happened to me:
In that epoch I was walking thinking that it could have a teaching career, and was tied up by my tesina today godforsaken. The case is that my apartment partners went out all, while I was continuing burning eyebrows in front of the computer.
At certain hour of the night, I decided to put myself a glass (accompanied by a few pistachio nuts), to sit down in front of the TV and to see the first bullshit that they were throwing. The case is that finishing the glass, already with idea of going to put me to bed, I did the typical revision to all the chains. When I go for 2, I meet Kissinger. You must know that together with Bela Lugosi and Ignacio González, it belongs to my favorite terror personages.
So I stop. I see that the note is speaking about the need to fight against the communists, because they were gaining the game. I listen attentively. I do not know to what game it refers. Me pogo nervous.
Donald Rumsfeld goes out and he speaks about the Soviet Union. They begin me after the legs tremble and I decide to put myself another glass.
Suddenly they begin working out made out for the people of the NASA, the CIA and the sé that milk more, all speaking about the Apollo XI.
It had caught it begun, but they were speaking about the trip to the moon. Suddenly, they all begin admitting that it had been a propaganda assembly to resist the advances of the socialistic field. Announcements. I of the nerves look at the clock (it be 2 o'clock or thing like that) too much late so that decent someone was awake, and so that the people who was awake he was interested in the topic.
It could not be true. They were recognizing one of the biggest tricks of the humanity. And I was the only person who saw it!
It begins the documentary again and I see that it is French (or I looked at it in iternet, do not remember). Everything was fitting.
My eyes were more attentive than when they read the blog of the red son. They were singing the traviata.
When it is already ending, when it was quite demonstrated, when the trick had been discovered... salt the letters, and the persons go out again in plan Making Off.
Kissinger goes out saying something in plan: "do I have to repeat the capture or it has remained believable?"
The director of the CIA (or the FBI, I do not remember it) goes out recognizing some chungo, and cutting the capture because it is begun to descojonar.
Salt a few letters in which it is warned that everything had been a prank.
Damned! They me had cheated again.
The glades documentary is this. Very well, this is a fragment.
Anyway, seriously: what do you think?
Torrent Desperate Housewives S06E17 Chromolume #7 now

Union I Progress and Democracy. (I)

From the appearance of this party, the whole world has been looking at them with mistrust because there was not known the one who was harming. At first the fears were groundless. Nowadays we have elements sufficiently to see the one who must worry.
We are going to throw an eye to a survey:
I need that you look at this stage of CIS. These surveys are done asking the same persons, some years later, to see his behavior / evolution. To go away to the question 47. It is read by lines, not by columns.
QUESTION 47 PROCEEDS OF P45. ONLY TO THOSE WHO WENT TO VOTE AND VOTED IN THE ELECTIONS TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT OF 2009 (5 in P45). Might he say to me the name of the party or coalition for which you voted in the elections to the European Parliament of last Sunday, the 7th of June?
Spanish socialist party PP IU/ICV UPyD Coalición for Europe Europe of the Green Peoples Other parties En white person N.C. ENTIRE Spanish socialist party % 87.3 4.2 1.5 0.9 1.0 0.8 0.7 1.0 2.6 100.0 (N) (870 () 42) (14) (8) (10) (8) (6) (10) (25) (997) PP % 0.4 94.5 0.4 1.7. 0.4 0.2 1.0 1.5 100.0 (N) (2 () 599) (2) (10). (2 () 1) (6) (9) (634) IU/ICV % 19.4 1.3 66.4 1.0. 1.8 1.8 2.4 5.9 100.0 (N) (13 () 0) (44) (0). (1 () 1) (1) (4) (67)
Since you can verify, of the people who voted for us in the personal details, it turned us to vote in the Europeans for 66,4 %. To the Spanish socialist party it us goes away 19,4 %, and to UPYD a 1 %. To the PP they us went away a 1,3 %. At electoral level we should worry more for the votes that we lose directed to the PP than to UPYD, since so much per cent is major.
But let's continue.
Of the voters of the Spanish socialist party in the personal details, 0,9 % voted to the party of Rosa Diez in the Europeans. In case of the PP the above mentioned percentage raises 1,7 %. As the PP and the Spanish socialist party have many more votes that IU, these percentages are those who shape the thickness of the contributions of votes that UPyD of other parties receives.
For taking it to absolute terms, taking the results of the personal details, and applying the percentages earlier mentioned, the thing would remain more or less like that:
PP: 172.889
IU: 9.630
This absolute information is not for anything true, it is an estimation on having applied the percentages of earlier. I have put them so that they give a clear image about what we are speaking. Of 449.499 votes that they obtained in the Europeans, we might say that concerning approximately 10.000 they were persons who voted for us in the personal details.
Of the PP and of the Spanish socialist party it scratched approximately 272.000.
The numbers speak themselves.
At electoral level scarcely his appearance affects us, since to who it is taking votes from them it is to the Spanish socialist party and to the PP.
Now, tomorrow or past we will speak about political fiction taking UPyD as a center.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red week

The Red Week is like the Guadiana, it appears and disappears according to his whim. At the moment, it appears again.
And curiously, it appears in the week that one of the most important blogueros of the political left, announces that it disappears temporarily. Since he is a word uncle, we know that his I will "return" it will be fulfilled and earlier that it is late we (wait), he will share with us his reflections again.
Meanwhile, other that takes refuge in the fashion guadianil, is the one that earlier was writing in the red son, who now delights us with his reflections in nonentities. His second reflection in saying blog, in line with what he usually writes, goes on a topic as important as slightly treated: eurovision. If you revise the iloveiu blogs, there is no written at all one on the topic with so many quality.
Plug was alerting this week to us on the growth of a new type of horrible open space, the cement open space. It had not heard to speak about this topic, but I believe that it deserves a more serious reflection for our part.
In flies in the soup one was reflecting on the gurus of the economy. The same ones that did not see the economic recession, and that now give recipes to go out of her.
Inés, one of our deputies blogueras, was writing calmly, I rest and a lot of knowledge, on the polemic of last days related to the immigration, the registration and certain town halls that they like jumping the law. In the optimism of the will they were telling us something very novel in IU, news published in mass communication media that he speaks about us, and he says something that it is not true. I believe that it is suitable to emphasize it here so that the whole militancy should know this case.
One of our most anticlerical blogueros, in one of his multiple blogs, informs us about a discovery of Biblical character.
Another bloguero who writes how the river that it happens for Extremadura, delights this week to us with a writing to half a gait between the twitter and a post. A new genre? You are going to know. Ceronegativo informs us that the Spanish socialist party is not much in accordance with the march against the corruption that IU organizes. I take from the day that I read it, looking for information to say to him that it is wrong. How was a party going to be against a march that denounces the corruption?. But I have not found yet anything. To end, Angels was informing us the primerita, that J.J. Nuet, alias senator, had been elected a General Secretary of the PCC. Congratulations to both, to one for the novelty, and to other for his new responsibility. Let's hope that Nuet should be invited some day to a cane with a tripe ration to the of Madrid one to celebrate it.

My weekend

My intention is to inform this weekend in two so interesting events, as important:
- On Saturday I want to be in the FSM, concrétamente in two talleres:1) 32 - Social movements and political parties: difficult relations, necessary relations. (Saturday, the 9th ´30-14h). Where it informs certain bloguero.
2) 23 - The Regarden. I find for the Food Sovereignty of producers / experts and consumers / experts of ecological food of Madrid and surroundings. (Saturday, the 9th ´30 - 18´ 30 h). That for those who are still this blog, know that it is a thing that worries me enough.
And then on Sunday, I will take part in the march against the corruption.
Weekend, completito, completito. Better that to continue seeing at home quarter movies.