Thursday, March 18, 2010

My weekend

My intention is to inform this weekend in two so interesting events, as important:
- On Saturday I want to be in the FSM, concrétamente in two talleres:1) 32 - Social movements and political parties: difficult relations, necessary relations. (Saturday, the 9th ´30-14h). Where it informs certain bloguero.
2) 23 - The Regarden. I find for the Food Sovereignty of producers / experts and consumers / experts of ecological food of Madrid and surroundings. (Saturday, the 9th ´30 - 18´ 30 h). That for those who are still this blog, know that it is a thing that worries me enough.
And then on Sunday, I will take part in the march against the corruption.
Weekend, completito, completito. Better that to continue seeing at home quarter movies.

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