Friday, March 19, 2010

Did the man come to the moon?

I take several days discussing this with a partner. I admit that along my life I have thought everything what could think about this (in favor or in against. There is not any more). Know that presently I think that yes it went over. Know also that during several periods of my life I have weighed the opposite.
I know all the theories: that if the lighting, that if the shades, that if the traces of the trasbordador, that if the flag, that if the C on the rock, that if the suits... And skylight, all of them with arguments in one or another sense.
It costs, I know that it is a bullshit, but seriously I have turned to grate.
Certainly, I recommend a documentary much entertained on this topic. I tell you what happened to me:
In that epoch I was walking thinking that it could have a teaching career, and was tied up by my tesina today godforsaken. The case is that my apartment partners went out all, while I was continuing burning eyebrows in front of the computer.
At certain hour of the night, I decided to put myself a glass (accompanied by a few pistachio nuts), to sit down in front of the TV and to see the first bullshit that they were throwing. The case is that finishing the glass, already with idea of going to put me to bed, I did the typical revision to all the chains. When I go for 2, I meet Kissinger. You must know that together with Bela Lugosi and Ignacio González, it belongs to my favorite terror personages.
So I stop. I see that the note is speaking about the need to fight against the communists, because they were gaining the game. I listen attentively. I do not know to what game it refers. Me pogo nervous.
Donald Rumsfeld goes out and he speaks about the Soviet Union. They begin me after the legs tremble and I decide to put myself another glass.
Suddenly they begin working out made out for the people of the NASA, the CIA and the sé that milk more, all speaking about the Apollo XI.
It had caught it begun, but they were speaking about the trip to the moon. Suddenly, they all begin admitting that it had been a propaganda assembly to resist the advances of the socialistic field. Announcements. I of the nerves look at the clock (it be 2 o'clock or thing like that) too much late so that decent someone was awake, and so that the people who was awake he was interested in the topic.
It could not be true. They were recognizing one of the biggest tricks of the humanity. And I was the only person who saw it!
It begins the documentary again and I see that it is French (or I looked at it in iternet, do not remember). Everything was fitting.
My eyes were more attentive than when they read the blog of the red son. They were singing the traviata.
When it is already ending, when it was quite demonstrated, when the trick had been discovered... salt the letters, and the persons go out again in plan Making Off.
Kissinger goes out saying something in plan: "do I have to repeat the capture or it has remained believable?"
The director of the CIA (or the FBI, I do not remember it) goes out recognizing some chungo, and cutting the capture because it is begun to descojonar.
Salt a few letters in which it is warned that everything had been a prank.
Damned! They me had cheated again.
The glades documentary is this. Very well, this is a fragment.
Anyway, seriously: what do you think?
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