Monday, March 8, 2010

Red week of Flies in the soup

I leave you with the selection of this week, in charge of Flies in the Soup:

Gorka Esparza, our correspondent in Brobdingnag does to himself echo of a declaration that takes as a target to harden the Law of the Minor and aims, correctly, at the political persons in charge who are putting themselves to the photo of a conservative reform.

David, there was done echo of one of the news about the week: the happy moments for the body that some judges give themselves on account of relating the bacon to the speed. In his blog there is an article about the most finished thing about the seasoning mounted by Mister Velasco.

Leolo rises the question to himself of porqué the financial markets do not attack to any hyperindebted countries and it comes to the conclusion that dog does not eat dog (good, Javier Burón says it otherwise more accurate, with analysis and information).

On account of the contract it sounds that the management one has tried to put us, Antonio thinks that we already only lack the kick right. This is what has that in this State there keeps on being the management one of the XIXth century and going down, whose consideration of the rights of the workpeople has remained painted the portrait. Days later, Ceronegativo extended the right of kick of the CEOE to mark the workpeople. Exaggerated?. You rely on Díaz Ferrán and do not run …

Inés tells us the indignation that we have felt many when we have read when the Supreme Court has admitted to step the personación of the imputed one as Thong against Waiter and it relates to the positions of the administration that Aguirre, so generous she, puts at the disposal of more ultra. Kings also she declares herself harmed and offended by the same matter which roots, they remember, they sink his roots in the parliament of Madrid, with three imputed deputies voting to choir with those of the PP.

Continuing with a justice more similar to a seasoning, Viul puts a photo of a Fabra to us in streaks suit. In this country of the story the other way round, Marina Albiol has been denounced by the illustrious personage of local customs and manners of Castellón. The sparrows shoot the hunters. Hugo does also support campaign to the deputy. (if they the linkage does not work, blame to the meeting the trócola).

Another correspondent of ours, this one in Kabila, orders a message to those who say to us that Cuba fractures the left and one forgets them to include between the forceps of the separation, those elements of the national politics that suppose more barriers than the flaw of San Francisco between IU and the Spanish socialist party.

Iñaki does to himself echo of the debate initiated in the Catalan parliament on the popular legislative initiative to eliminate study them of braus. A lot of envy gives me to me not to be a Catalan in these moments for the respect showed by the Parliament to debate a popular initiative. In the communities governed by the PP, while the education and the health begin to have to be considered like politics about to extinction as he reminds Windows of the Falcon to us, one declares the bulls Well of Cultural Interest. Priorities question, I fix.

Angels does not forget the Greek tragedy. That one which images are limited to the elementary form in the news and that demonstrates a village to us in struggle for his rights. Angels points at the responsibility of Goldman Sachs in the subsidence of the Hellene country.

And the next week will be Fernando, privileged correspondent of the saw of Madrid from the Quarry alpedreteña the one that has to defoliate the red week.

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