Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And now Venezuela

After the political bacchanal and mediática that some of them have given themselves news being invented on Cuba, now there touches another enemy to be beaten, Venezuela.
Probably be a coincidence, but it is necessary to see that coincidences it has the life.
The front of almost all the digital editions of the big mass media they take a few days giving the news of which there are connections between ETA, Chavez and the FARC.
Quite being based that the Judge Velasco imputes certain crimes to the government of Venezuela, with tests that according to Interpol, are illegal.
These tests are the obtained ones of a portable one that seized to a leader of the FARC, dead in an operation of the Colombian army. Portable saying, we remember, was two days in hands of the Colombian army, until it was delivered to INTERPOL.
And of these tests, I insist, not recognized like valid for proper Interpol, a judge extracts an imputation of the puñeta.
Of this we can extract two rapid conclusions:
1) Against the left governments in Latin America it costs any lie or average truth, them to try to discredit. An effect will be always generated cracked in the means, and his spokesmen will join insufficiently.
2) In this country the transition happened in many ambiences, but the judicature escaped skillfully.

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