Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red week

The Red Week is like the Guadiana, it appears and disappears according to his whim. At the moment, it appears again.
And curiously, it appears in the week that one of the most important blogueros of the political left, announces that it disappears temporarily. Since he is a word uncle, we know that his I will "return" it will be fulfilled and earlier that it is late we (wait), he will share with us his reflections again.
Meanwhile, other that takes refuge in the fashion guadianil, is the one that earlier was writing in the red son, who now delights us with his reflections in nonentities. His second reflection in saying blog, in line with what he usually writes, goes on a topic as important as slightly treated: eurovision. If you revise the iloveiu blogs, there is no written at all one on the topic with so many quality.
Plug was alerting this week to us on the growth of a new type of horrible open space, the cement open space. It had not heard to speak about this topic, but I believe that it deserves a more serious reflection for our part.
In flies in the soup one was reflecting on the gurus of the economy. The same ones that did not see the economic recession, and that now give recipes to go out of her.
Inés, one of our deputies blogueras, was writing calmly, I rest and a lot of knowledge, on the polemic of last days related to the immigration, the registration and certain town halls that they like jumping the law. In the optimism of the will they were telling us something very novel in IU, news published in mass communication media that he speaks about us, and he says something that it is not true. I believe that it is suitable to emphasize it here so that the whole militancy should know this case.
One of our most anticlerical blogueros, in one of his multiple blogs, informs us about a discovery of Biblical character.
Another bloguero who writes how the river that it happens for Extremadura, delights this week to us with a writing to half a gait between the twitter and a post. A new genre? You are going to know. Ceronegativo informs us that the Spanish socialist party is not much in accordance with the march against the corruption that IU organizes. I take from the day that I read it, looking for information to say to him that it is wrong. How was a party going to be against a march that denounces the corruption?. But I have not found yet anything. To end, Angels was informing us the primerita, that J.J. Nuet, alias senator, had been elected a General Secretary of the PCC. Congratulations to both, to one for the novelty, and to other for his new responsibility. Let's hope that Nuet should be invited some day to a cane with a tripe ration to the of Madrid one to celebrate it.

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