Thursday, March 11, 2010

About the polemic on the annuities of the deputies

Periodically they usually come to my e-mail, post office that explain the high salaries that have different institutional charges of the state; that if Montilla is the one that more receives and duplicates in salary the prime minister, that if they get for diets an atrocity of euros, which if the safety expense, etc. Y then they occur rarely contribute information as if he was receiving a life salary from himself for having being delegated a few years. It usually changes the above mentioned depending on the mail that receives.
In epochs as difficult as the current one, it is especially sangrante to see the quantities that receive his lordships, with the complements and extra diets.
I am going to start by clarifying that this who writes is a faithful follower of the measures that took in the commune of Paris. I believe that the institutional charges should not charge any more than the average salary of this country, that it is in 20.438 Euros brutto per year.
This is more complex than it seems at first sight, because before this we meet the problem of how encouraging the people who in his professional life has more salary, and therefore, probably have more acquired debts. How might it confront them?. Let's not deceive, in the capitalism we all have debts in some moment of our life. If you are a professor, and you think that you it are going to be the rest of your life, mold your standard of living to your salary, mortgage, letter of the car, primer so that the children could study out... How might you accept a deputy work with a substantial reduction of your salary and support your level of indebtedness or vital forecasts?
But the fact is that it is not necessary to be a professor, a teacher of secondary would charge already more than a deputy. Why was I going to leave my square in an institute me for going to stick with the rest of members of the camera? Someone might say: "This way there would go only those who have real service vocation".
Insurance? Perhaps only there were going those who could allow it to themselves. Like Pizarro, which might go free. What sound for him 3.400 euros a month? Or for Juan Costa that Young was receiving a million euros per year in Ernst and?
The one that has no problems is Pizarro, which as it comes already forrao from house, since it is a time in the congress, and if he gets bored, since it goes away. Whole is going to win much more out of the Lower House.
It is complicated.
It is clear that all this is solved in a socialistic country, where they do not penalize you in your company for being a public position of certain political parties, or your right to housing is respected, or the right to education is slightly effective and therefore do not have to save for the future of your children...
But we are in a capitalist system. This is what exists.
I insist, believe that the salaries of the public positions must be according to the population whom they represent. And few people receive 169.000 euros per year that they say that he receives Montilla.
Said this, I want to center on what verdaramente worries me.
In one of these mails, a comparable salary one was said that the deputies, for the fact of it being, receive the rest of his life to the maximum pension.
Bond, he is not a saint of my devotion, but I want to quote the letter that was in charge to the mass media trying to counterreduce this campaign.
Good, basing on this information I am going to do a calculation full of guesswork. It is not slightly scientific, if not that I base on intuitions and approaches, and as such, can be wrong:
First of all it is necessary to make clear that the deputies have no right to an annuity. To what they have right it is to a complement on the pension, that it raises the above mentioned compensation to the maxim that it is possible to perceive for the state.
It remains clear that I am against of this measurement, for which IU in due time voted in against, and that up to what I know, nobody of IU has asked for it.
A pension complement recovers once retired, so those who think that a deputy, it it stops being and the rest of his life receives a life salary on account of the congress, are wrong.
Said this, Bond, not the singer, says in his letter that this complement (of which I insist that I am against) it 70 deputies and senators charge up to the date. Yes, 70.
If I am not wrong, the maximum retirement that can recover in this country is 32.068, Euros brutto per year. We are going to deduct 17 % (arbitrary quantity) between whistles and flutes to see all that remains in clear in some: 26616 annual ones. What it gives, distributed in 14 pays, an average salary for 1901 monthly euros. Which, it is bearing very well in mind the pensions of 'widowhood, illness, etc.
The average pension in this country is 874 euros a month. Therefore, telling that a deputy should receive an average pension of this country (that would be surprised already,) a complement should receive on account from all the Spanish for 1025 monthly euros. We know that of 3000 and I sting deputies and senators, only 70 have asked for it. It costs, 70 x 1025 = 71750 euros to the month, which multiplied by 14 pays they do a cost to the arks of the state of: 1.004.500 euros per year.
Such a criticized measurement, that so much it hurts, that so much makes us bleed for the eyes... costs to the Spanish (in a few very generous calculations for the indignant ones) a million per year euros.
While we speak about this million per year euros, we are not speaking about the 50.000 that we have given him to the banks. Not of those that the royal family costs us (does anybody remember 700 million pesetas that we wear out a few years ago in buying a pisito to the principito?).
And while we speak about a million per year euros, with which scarcely it might do very much, we do not speak about 50.000 millions that the government has cut away in social policies, or as the working men we pay more to ranch that those who do financial engineering.
Did you know that we have given him to the Church - alone route imposed - 253 million euros? What to the royal house did we give him in 2004 7,5 million euros?
Do you know all that there receive the advisers of the Bank Santander or of the BBVA? No, we do not know it. Why do not we know it? Because these banks are shareholders of most of the mass media that we consume, and these mass media prefer that we speak about the little that the deputies go to the congress, of supposed annuities... to what they win year after year.
The politics is to mark priorities. If it is necessary to show our anger, which is against the stratospheric salaries that they have the advisers of the IBEX, the speculators, the prominent sportsmen and other type.
And when we have redistributed the wealth that they possess, perhaps it is not necessary to lower the salary to his lordships because ours will have risen at his level.

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