Thursday, March 25, 2010

Example of honesty

Here you have an example of honest person:

I dress in the blog of Pedro Mellado.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look for me here

I go away cagando milk to the assembly and later holiday, of the republican Carabanchel cultural club. It is an open assembly in which one is going to try to give an impulse to this organization. I hope we are capable between all / expert.
If you are bored, to come to you that there will be good ambience.
We meet.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The problem is much more serious than it seems to simple it dresses. Notes on Herman Tertsch and his famous drubbing

What longer title.
Herman Tertsch is a journalist who has landed not long ago in the most profitable journalistic area to the west of the Missisipi: The Community of Madrid. Obviously it is very profitable if you are ready to manipulate, to lie, to be missing to the reality, to invent or synonymous any other that occurs to you.
In all sides they cook broad beans. All the mass media answer to interests of managerial groups that have, logically, political interests that it makes them take part in a few or other leaders.
In all sides they cook broad beans, and in all sides it gives a little of disgust to read certain newspapers. In Extremadura we have a very good example of what is the accommodating journalism, the Today. It is not excessively manipulative, simply it does as it was doing earlier The Country, I decide what news is and what it is not. It can do it because it is that of major regional throw.
The nobility of this newspaper is that it is capable always well of speaking about the government, be which is. In the meeting he praises the Spanish socialist party, in cities as Badajoz where it governs the PP it does the proper thing.
In all sides they cook broad beans, but that thing about the CAM is something that is not seen in all places. I believe that only Valencia might be compared. Here we have had cases in which autonomic advisers have lied (I am referring to the case Lick it and the famous sedations) shamelessly, and a wide coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, not only echo of his lies has been made, but they have theorized, reflected, argued, debated... in the line that was marking the power.
It has gone over at such a level, that Telemadrid, / grasp the TV of all the persons from Madrid / experts it is having the lowest levels of hearing of his history. Up to such a point that if a screen goes out in black for a strike, the hearing level supposes 10 % of the average of the chain.
Here in Madrid, the truth and the respect to the reality long ago that were expelled from the community.
They beat Herman in a glasses bar, so many people of the dawn, and the uncle was not capable of remembering what had happened. There does not occur to the uncle another thing to say that it is an ideological aggression. And he blames the Big Wyoming for generating a hate climate. That is said by the uncle who said: "if it should kill 15 ó 20 members of To The Qaeda for liberating three compatriots, it would do it without the minor doubt".
About this topic the president of the community spoke, it gave itself spaces in news, articles about opinion, and the whole coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, not only they were doing echo of his lies to themselves, but they were theorizing, reflecting, were arguing, debating... in the line that was marking the power.
Herman was saying that the material authors of such a crime could be "Moors, antifascist or the normal people of the movies or the SGAE". In the end, there turned out to be the proprietor of a bar of glasses, on rights.
But it does not matter. Here in Madrid someone, from the springs of the power, might say that It Gives hope to Aguirre he accompanied Columbus in the discovery of America, which discovered the penicillin or accompanied Armstrong, Collins and Aldrín in the first moon landing, and seriously, you can believe me, that there would be the whole coryphaeus of mariachi musics of the most vulgar thing, which not only would do echo of this lie to themselves, but they would theorize, would reflect, would argue, they would debate... in the line that marks the power.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did the man come to the moon?

I take several days discussing this with a partner. I admit that along my life I have thought everything what could think about this (in favor or in against. There is not any more). Know that presently I think that yes it went over. Know also that during several periods of my life I have weighed the opposite.
I know all the theories: that if the lighting, that if the shades, that if the traces of the trasbordador, that if the flag, that if the C on the rock, that if the suits... And skylight, all of them with arguments in one or another sense.
It costs, I know that it is a bullshit, but seriously I have turned to grate.
Certainly, I recommend a documentary much entertained on this topic. I tell you what happened to me:
In that epoch I was walking thinking that it could have a teaching career, and was tied up by my tesina today godforsaken. The case is that my apartment partners went out all, while I was continuing burning eyebrows in front of the computer.
At certain hour of the night, I decided to put myself a glass (accompanied by a few pistachio nuts), to sit down in front of the TV and to see the first bullshit that they were throwing. The case is that finishing the glass, already with idea of going to put me to bed, I did the typical revision to all the chains. When I go for 2, I meet Kissinger. You must know that together with Bela Lugosi and Ignacio González, it belongs to my favorite terror personages.
So I stop. I see that the note is speaking about the need to fight against the communists, because they were gaining the game. I listen attentively. I do not know to what game it refers. Me pogo nervous.
Donald Rumsfeld goes out and he speaks about the Soviet Union. They begin me after the legs tremble and I decide to put myself another glass.
Suddenly they begin working out made out for the people of the NASA, the CIA and the sé that milk more, all speaking about the Apollo XI.
It had caught it begun, but they were speaking about the trip to the moon. Suddenly, they all begin admitting that it had been a propaganda assembly to resist the advances of the socialistic field. Announcements. I of the nerves look at the clock (it be 2 o'clock or thing like that) too much late so that decent someone was awake, and so that the people who was awake he was interested in the topic.
It could not be true. They were recognizing one of the biggest tricks of the humanity. And I was the only person who saw it!
It begins the documentary again and I see that it is French (or I looked at it in iternet, do not remember). Everything was fitting.
My eyes were more attentive than when they read the blog of the red son. They were singing the traviata.
When it is already ending, when it was quite demonstrated, when the trick had been discovered... salt the letters, and the persons go out again in plan Making Off.
Kissinger goes out saying something in plan: "do I have to repeat the capture or it has remained believable?"
The director of the CIA (or the FBI, I do not remember it) goes out recognizing some chungo, and cutting the capture because it is begun to descojonar.
Salt a few letters in which it is warned that everything had been a prank.
Damned! They me had cheated again.
The glades documentary is this. Very well, this is a fragment.
Anyway, seriously: what do you think?
Torrent Desperate Housewives S06E17 Chromolume #7 now

Union I Progress and Democracy. (I)

From the appearance of this party, the whole world has been looking at them with mistrust because there was not known the one who was harming. At first the fears were groundless. Nowadays we have elements sufficiently to see the one who must worry.
We are going to throw an eye to a survey:
I need that you look at this stage of CIS. These surveys are done asking the same persons, some years later, to see his behavior / evolution. To go away to the question 47. It is read by lines, not by columns.
QUESTION 47 PROCEEDS OF P45. ONLY TO THOSE WHO WENT TO VOTE AND VOTED IN THE ELECTIONS TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT OF 2009 (5 in P45). Might he say to me the name of the party or coalition for which you voted in the elections to the European Parliament of last Sunday, the 7th of June?
Spanish socialist party PP IU/ICV UPyD Coalición for Europe Europe of the Green Peoples Other parties En white person N.C. ENTIRE Spanish socialist party % 87.3 4.2 1.5 0.9 1.0 0.8 0.7 1.0 2.6 100.0 (N) (870 () 42) (14) (8) (10) (8) (6) (10) (25) (997) PP % 0.4 94.5 0.4 1.7. 0.4 0.2 1.0 1.5 100.0 (N) (2 () 599) (2) (10). (2 () 1) (6) (9) (634) IU/ICV % 19.4 1.3 66.4 1.0. 1.8 1.8 2.4 5.9 100.0 (N) (13 () 0) (44) (0). (1 () 1) (1) (4) (67)
Since you can verify, of the people who voted for us in the personal details, it turned us to vote in the Europeans for 66,4 %. To the Spanish socialist party it us goes away 19,4 %, and to UPYD a 1 %. To the PP they us went away a 1,3 %. At electoral level we should worry more for the votes that we lose directed to the PP than to UPYD, since so much per cent is major.
But let's continue.
Of the voters of the Spanish socialist party in the personal details, 0,9 % voted to the party of Rosa Diez in the Europeans. In case of the PP the above mentioned percentage raises 1,7 %. As the PP and the Spanish socialist party have many more votes that IU, these percentages are those who shape the thickness of the contributions of votes that UPyD of other parties receives.
For taking it to absolute terms, taking the results of the personal details, and applying the percentages earlier mentioned, the thing would remain more or less like that:
PP: 172.889
IU: 9.630
This absolute information is not for anything true, it is an estimation on having applied the percentages of earlier. I have put them so that they give a clear image about what we are speaking. Of 449.499 votes that they obtained in the Europeans, we might say that concerning approximately 10.000 they were persons who voted for us in the personal details.
Of the PP and of the Spanish socialist party it scratched approximately 272.000.
The numbers speak themselves.
At electoral level scarcely his appearance affects us, since to who it is taking votes from them it is to the Spanish socialist party and to the PP.
Now, tomorrow or past we will speak about political fiction taking UPyD as a center.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red week

The Red Week is like the Guadiana, it appears and disappears according to his whim. At the moment, it appears again.
And curiously, it appears in the week that one of the most important blogueros of the political left, announces that it disappears temporarily. Since he is a word uncle, we know that his I will "return" it will be fulfilled and earlier that it is late we (wait), he will share with us his reflections again.
Meanwhile, other that takes refuge in the fashion guadianil, is the one that earlier was writing in the red son, who now delights us with his reflections in nonentities. His second reflection in saying blog, in line with what he usually writes, goes on a topic as important as slightly treated: eurovision. If you revise the iloveiu blogs, there is no written at all one on the topic with so many quality.
Plug was alerting this week to us on the growth of a new type of horrible open space, the cement open space. It had not heard to speak about this topic, but I believe that it deserves a more serious reflection for our part.
In flies in the soup one was reflecting on the gurus of the economy. The same ones that did not see the economic recession, and that now give recipes to go out of her.
Inés, one of our deputies blogueras, was writing calmly, I rest and a lot of knowledge, on the polemic of last days related to the immigration, the registration and certain town halls that they like jumping the law. In the optimism of the will they were telling us something very novel in IU, news published in mass communication media that he speaks about us, and he says something that it is not true. I believe that it is suitable to emphasize it here so that the whole militancy should know this case.
One of our most anticlerical blogueros, in one of his multiple blogs, informs us about a discovery of Biblical character.
Another bloguero who writes how the river that it happens for Extremadura, delights this week to us with a writing to half a gait between the twitter and a post. A new genre? You are going to know. Ceronegativo informs us that the Spanish socialist party is not much in accordance with the march against the corruption that IU organizes. I take from the day that I read it, looking for information to say to him that it is wrong. How was a party going to be against a march that denounces the corruption?. But I have not found yet anything. To end, Angels was informing us the primerita, that J.J. Nuet, alias senator, had been elected a General Secretary of the PCC. Congratulations to both, to one for the novelty, and to other for his new responsibility. Let's hope that Nuet should be invited some day to a cane with a tripe ration to the of Madrid one to celebrate it.

My weekend

My intention is to inform this weekend in two so interesting events, as important:
- On Saturday I want to be in the FSM, concrétamente in two talleres:1) 32 - Social movements and political parties: difficult relations, necessary relations. (Saturday, the 9th ´30-14h). Where it informs certain bloguero.
2) 23 - The Regarden. I find for the Food Sovereignty of producers / experts and consumers / experts of ecological food of Madrid and surroundings. (Saturday, the 9th ´30 - 18´ 30 h). That for those who are still this blog, know that it is a thing that worries me enough.
And then on Sunday, I will take part in the march against the corruption.
Weekend, completito, completito. Better that to continue seeing at home quarter movies.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red week of Angels

I leave you with the weekly compilation of the best of the rojosfera. This week, to hands of the partner Angels:

I gather the Viul testimony in a red week that has remained abridged, in fact, to a long and intense weekend in which they emphasize three fundamental elements:

- the madness (that seems already irreversible) of the Cabinet and the measurements "elucubradas" last Friday;

- the march against the Seseña corruption to Madrid;

- and the Social Forum celebrated in Madrid and in Barcelona with participation of distint@s compañer@s of IloveI. Nevertheless, the first topic takes most of comments:

The episode demencial of the government.

pensionistas.jpg The Fridays measurements of the Cabinet cry out to the sky. Already on Wednesday our friend bloguero RGAlmazá n was moving forward to us from his Kabila the desires of the management one, of the benefit societies of insurances and: how not! of the Spanish Bank, in: Go three paws for a bank!. And the one that it warns is not a traitor, because on Friday these perverse desires were fulfilled to a great extent. At a few hours of the breakage, in Flies in the Soup the colors were extracting him to the minister Corbacho, clock in hand:" The four and twenty and Corbacho without resigning". For his part, Hugo treated also about the topic concluding with an incisive notice for navigators and affirming that the Spanish socialist party is in suicidal way, while Alberto Garzón gets overturned in the pedagogics and wonders, Socratically: Really are the pensions in danger?. From the Basque Country, Mikel Arana, sees more and more background the retirement age, and perhaps, as summary, be able to propose the opinion of Antonio Rodríguez to the effect that, of following like that the things, the exit of the crisis will not be social.

I know already, either know that the Friday right and the topic of the pensions has taken half of the selection (and I still have remained with desire of quoting otr@s compañer@s, therefore I recommend to them a walk along the agregador of IloveIU), but more the Government of our rights wants to take...

Nevertheless, margin stays to do the selection of the blogs that treat others two topics that he was announcing to them:


On the march against the corruption:

Izquierda Unida has known also this weekend to extract breast, to denounce the corruption without hair in the language, and to defend Manuel Fuentes, mayor of Seseña, although some of them used enclosed Facebook (according to account Pedro Mellado) to be opposed with too many bragging and to paint the portrait in sepia between of those who were not supporting the march not Manuel Fuentes.

Nevertheless, the call has been a success, as also it values it proper Manuel Fuentes interviewed in the blog of ceronegativo, who waited shortly leaves steadfastness with how this one filled tomorrow the Cultural club up to the flag (in this case, red and republican). A kind invitation to feel the pride to belong to IU is found by us also, with photos of the march, in nonentities.

Social forum in Madrid and Barcelona:

fscat-014-red.jpg To coast also of being too pride (but they know already that if there is something good, sure that someone adds pepper to him saying that it is a sin), I cannot allow recommending The Shoplifter, where Toni Barbarà explains the health workshop in the FSCat, and it celebrates that the association of citizens and city dwellers Dempeus per Salut Pública (that good war has given in spite of his young age) fulfills today, on January 31, his first year of life. And although it seems to past bull, do not also get lost the promotional video of the Social Forum of Madrid that they can see in The dAv blog! d. What is denounced in the same one does not have, for the time being, expiry date.

And since we cannot forget Haiti, I leave them with the recipe of a succulent united cake done by David Montilla (that I know, nothing to see with the President) and his son.

And the next week, more and better, in Kabila.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Chamberí they are satisfied

Go, go and see.

Seseña as example of the politics

He was commenting to you on another day that had intention of taking part in the march against the corruption. And this way I did.
Hugo says, that the march had a little of assertiveness of the militancy. And it has reason great. The fact that the PP, the Spanish socialist party, UPyD and many other political organizations neither have wanted to join the march, they have not even showed if he wants his support, it gives good sample of the political characterization of every organization.
For IU, not as for the PP-PSOE-UPyD, etc, the struggle against the corruption is something priority. Not only priority, it is something real. Few cases of corruption that we have had, quickly have put themselves in quarantine. And when it has been necessary to expel them, they have been expelled.
Even the Spanish socialist party had the audacity of criticizing the march against the corruption.
In other parties they have to catch you in fraganti with the cart of the ice creams, so that perhaps they open informative records to you.
I have a partner who says that we do little proselytism. It is right. As the courtyard is, is the moment to say again that we not all are equal, that we all commit our mistakes, but that there are mistakes and mistakes.
The initiative of the march against the corruption, I think that it has been a success. It might have been better, undoubtedly, but bearing in mind that it is the first time in many years that we mount a soirée of this type, we can be satisfied.
The IU militancy wants to take the street again.
And an extracted perception is not of anything. The march was ending in the cultural club of Madrid. It is not that it was not taking a soul in the cultural club, the fact is that there were tens persons who had to remain out.
This blog is not acritico with anything, therefore I am not thinking about being an oficialista suspect in any place. So I can give peacefully the congratulations to which the inicitiva occurred, to who exist currado from the beginning and those that they it turned into a question of the whole organization.
To all of them / expert, was useful to do a request to them: We want more.
It notices: As always, the zeros have several reportages of photos and videos very finished for all / expert that one / expert that you could not go. Like someone again Pedro Mellado, it joined this fashion.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Letter to The Country

Dear advocate of the reader of The Country:
I read wonderingly that according to a survey that you have entrusted to the company Metroscopia, which usually does the opinion polls that you publish, the PP apmplía his advantage on the Spanish socialist party in almost 6 percentage difference points.
Also I can go so far as to know the level of acceptance of the politics exercised by the government and the principal opposition camp. Or the one whom there create the interrogated persons that it is going to gain the next elections.
Thanks to this article of Fernando Garea,, I can know that 64 % of interrogated persons disapproves the management of the Executive, that 76 % says to entrust little or not at all in him and that also it coincides with percentage with those who think that Shoemaker takes decisions about the march.
It be fixed that knowing all that, what I do not know is what thinks 19,1 % of this country. And I do not know it because I understand that the desire does not give to you of publishing it.
According to his study, we do not know the one who would vote for almost 20 % of Spanish. Not only we do not know the card técina, which gives what to think very much on the transparence of the above mentioned survey, if not that we see cercenada the vote option closely of 2,3 million Spanish.
With the winds that run, they should not despise 20 % of the population, since with the multitude of mass media that exist, perhaps they might lose 20 % of readership.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The real move of the government and the management one

In the week that the government announces, between other things, the pensionazo to us; the increase of the retirement age of the 65 to the 67, Delphi, a car company that has head office in Andalusia, announces that he is going to preretire the workpeople who are 50 years.
The move is very good.
Without knowing the labor Delphi conditions, I can do to the idea of that sure that the workpeople who patrol 48 years in this company, must have a few acceptable conditions as the courtyard is.
What will Delphi do, and like her, thousands of companies carroñeras of this country? With the new measures that the government tries to take, he will preretire workpeople who have moderately worthy working conditions, and will hire lads that he could dismiss instead of for 45 days for 33.
Fix you in detail in what happens: the government says that it lows the price of the dismissal from 45 to 33 years to encourage the work in the young people. The company, it takes and preretires workpeople to the 50. As the company has to keep on producing (after you see as you believe that these mansions are paid), it hires these new lads, who have less rights and go out cheaper.
The state gets angry, because he says that there is greatly drone sucking of the boat, and that it is necessary to raise the pensions to 67 years so that it does not break the pensions system. Onlooker, when the state might not give the good one to the early retirement of 50 years. But then the jugadada would not go out well.
What is the result of all this?
Since a few jobs that had a few relatively worthy conditions, have turned into a few precarious positions, and therefore many other profitable ones. Where earlier there was one / to trabajdor/a to the one that was more difficult to dismiss, that for years employed at the company sure that did not have bad salary, which had a claim culture.... now we will have to one / to chavalito/a to the one that it is possible to dismiss in an easier way (to the cheapest being), which will have a much lower salary, which for fear of being dismissed (since now it is easier to dismiss the young people) will be much less avenging and which above will have been to be working even the 67.
Who has gone out winning and who has gone out losing in this move?
For whom is ZP governing?
And the worst thing of everything is that they will say to us that this measurement is to encourage the employment, and we will believe it.

Red week of kabila

From Kabila, taking the Àngels relief, here I leave them with the selection of the week of IloveIU:

Fix one of the topics it has been the called pensionazo, on him several blogueros have written. Alberto with rigor and knowledge has written from his Altereconomía. Also they it have done some of our institutional charges. It is the case of Nuet, Fat person and Mikel Arana, between others.

There are topics that are always white hot for the left. Especially when they are in danger the decisions that take and one tries to give reverse gears with privatizations. This way Àngels tells us how it sees Swampy soils the future of the Health, Windows speaks of reinforcing a minimum for Education and Leolo does a comparison wise and documented on the way that is taking the Housing with the current Basque autonomic government.

And like not, there is always big worry for topics appellants like the Equality, Work exactly criticizes the absence of equality that reigns in the Real Academy. Hugo, enters another worrying topic – the corruption - and does an opportune comparison between two facts that have produced this week to themselves.

Another question mediática of the week has been the place of the ATC (euphemism for which one knows now to the nuclear cemetery), and Alvaro has spoken about it from Copse and, finally, we see how from his quarry, Fernando, tells us that the People's Party of Alpedrete, - immersed in a supposed “town-planning corruption” - he does not vote in favor of the repair of the memory of Miguel Hernández in the year of his centenary, but less evil: hallelujah, we are saved! — his mayoress admits that Franco “did some things badly”.

This has been quite this week, the next capture the witness Álvaro from Copse in For a three-quarter bed.

Health and Republic

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Union I Progress and Democracy (II)

I wrote a few weeks ago a post telling why UPyD did not have to cause us many headaches at electoral level.
I usually do not do futorología, I do not like playing to advinar what it can spend. But yes that I think that it is necessary to bear in mind the possible spaces that can go so far as to give in the future, to be prepared before what happens.
In Madrid we must go preparing for the institutional UPyD irruption. This party has been nourished of a speech españolista, completely emptily in many topics. The right mediática has used Rosa Díez in fronts and news about very much space, when he was criticizing the Spanish socialist party in topics related to the model of the state.
Neither in the rest of topics nor position meets them, one nor waits for them.
It is very probable that UPyD between strongly in some places. It is very probable that in Madrid voter catches city very much aguirrista discontented with Gallardón, and that in the rest of the lame community voters gallardonistas full of Aguirre. To that vote will be necessary to add him he protests and disappointed ex-voters of the Spanish socialist party.
Where is not ball going to itch? Very well, I compete a dinner to which in places where the Spanish socialist party has a speech españolista and there is no divided PP, it does not go to extract anything. Attentive to the results that the Spot will obtain in Extremadura or Castile.
What will be his trip? Very well, it is an ultraselfish party. The parties that center so much his politics on only one person have the problem that when this person disappears, or commits some fat error, they go flat. In this party nobody does shade to his leader, and who does it to himself, finishes out.
Or they change very much the things into UPyD or it will have the trip that Rosa Díez has.
While the PP was far in the surveys, in the right mediática they had court great. You interview thoroughly, fronts, minutes in radioes and televisions... But now when the PP can be close to gaining the elections, the thing changes. With the power it is not played.
In one year, after the policewomen, if the expectations are fulfilled and in some institutions of Madrid they eliminate the absolute majorities, being able UPyD to play an umpire's role, they are going to have to be defined.
And that one can become the beginning of the end. It will have that posicionarse for supporting the PP or the Spanish socialist party.
Right now they can support any of the two. But on having had to be praised by one or for other, inevitably, it is going to move away on behalf of his electorate, since it will have to center on a sector, and will begin competing openly with one of two majority parties. And there the pranks will be finished. With the power it is not played.
The PP has a clear bet for being the party of the right. It catches from the ultraright one (where is the percentage of vote extreme right-winger who exists in other countries of our environment?) up to the center.
The Spanish socialist party already loses enough votes for the left, as to lose also for the center.
Also, it will eliminate the stigma of "outsider" that it has now, since they will be visualized like one more party.
This political space, it us is very favorable to us, since we will have to 3 parties competing for the center, and will have a wide space for which to fight, the space of the left.
We must center our action on economic topics, because there it is where our difference will be seen clearly, and all his similar ones.
While we make public a clear defender of the services, of the rights of the workpeople, of the direct taxes, of a share-out of the wealth, of the environmental protection... we will be seen like a different organization, because in that UPyD, PP and Spanish socialist party scarcely have differences.

Red week Copse in For a three-quarter bed

Here they have it:
East week dese Copse in For a three-quarter bed for that we shape I love IU has been a little blurred, since many topics have talked each other in the same one and in advance I say that it has been much complicated for my part to be able to realize a summary.
Internet has turned into an instrument of very important communication and more for organizations or persons who need to resist the ideas and opinions that are spilled from the big powers and Hugo in his blog great Who includes speech on the Internet one publishes.
One of the problem that all the workers and workers of this country worries is the crisis of the system that we suffer and I will start with to the reflection that Alberto Garzón realizes in his blog on the urgent need for a General Strike.
Ceronegativo tells us how they do in his work to catch the crisis “saving the Spaniard” and it is lowering the temperature of the heating from here I recommend to him to take a blanket.
It unis he mentions on the plan that there have the "Socialists" of whom we work up to 67 years and on the ILP that we are going to realize Izquierda Unida against the pensionazo and to reinforce, to give stability and safety to the pensions.
The VIH-Sida has turned into a world problem, although to Hope Aguirre it does not praise this matter matters very much and to reduced the subsidies for organizations and associations that are employed at this topic in the Comunicad of Madrid, Reyes Montiel speaks about it.
We keep on speaking about Madrid and it is like some they use the politics and it is insulting and discrediting when arguments are not had and this those of the PP very are right in it, in A salary of Moscow an example
The judge Baltasar Garzón this one of actuality after the denunciations of the ultraright one who has suffered for investigating the Franco period. Manolo Ruda, hangs on his blog a manifesto in his defense.
> Oto matter on the memory history has been the homage to the members of the realized Blue Division this week in the Cemetery of the Almudena. Kabila speaks to us about “the fascist Historical Memory”
On Saturday Ezker Batua celebrated his Political Convention, Roberto Cacho in his Musical blog, poet and madman and Mikel Arana in his blog Parlamentuan give us his version of the happened.
Today on Sunday we have woken up with the answer to the campaign of mailing of post office to The Advocate of the reader of The Country, Hugo tells us that to complain serves.
Not quite IU is political in I love and an example is that of Ceronegativo that counts since “cards put him” to the son of a friend of his.
The next week more and better for Hugo Martínez Abarca in his blog great Whom it includes.

Arsenio Escolar, also reads to me.

I have already mentioned to you that Pedro J. reads my blog. And he must like because it was inspired in me two times.
Also I said to you that it was not the only one, which Fell down Lara also reads to me.
Some of them have hundreds of daily visits. I have less readership, but of more quality.
My last distinguished reader is Arsenio Escolar. This good man owes to have inspired in my post on UPyD to write something that I had already said. Very well, he dares to do to himself certas predictions that seem very risky to me. But each one has his style.
Malvenido Arsenio to abloguear. Like that it was not, but it looks alike to him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fiajos well in the photo

Already? Fix to you again that I believe that you are not looking to truly importane. It costs: Have not you realized that to have such a black hair, the mustache does not even see him of the white thing that is?
That you sew.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

About the polemic on the annuities of the deputies

Periodically they usually come to my e-mail, post office that explain the high salaries that have different institutional charges of the state; that if Montilla is the one that more receives and duplicates in salary the prime minister, that if they get for diets an atrocity of euros, which if the safety expense, etc. Y then they occur rarely contribute information as if he was receiving a life salary from himself for having being delegated a few years. It usually changes the above mentioned depending on the mail that receives.
In epochs as difficult as the current one, it is especially sangrante to see the quantities that receive his lordships, with the complements and extra diets.
I am going to start by clarifying that this who writes is a faithful follower of the measures that took in the commune of Paris. I believe that the institutional charges should not charge any more than the average salary of this country, that it is in 20.438 Euros brutto per year.
This is more complex than it seems at first sight, because before this we meet the problem of how encouraging the people who in his professional life has more salary, and therefore, probably have more acquired debts. How might it confront them?. Let's not deceive, in the capitalism we all have debts in some moment of our life. If you are a professor, and you think that you it are going to be the rest of your life, mold your standard of living to your salary, mortgage, letter of the car, primer so that the children could study out... How might you accept a deputy work with a substantial reduction of your salary and support your level of indebtedness or vital forecasts?
But the fact is that it is not necessary to be a professor, a teacher of secondary would charge already more than a deputy. Why was I going to leave my square in an institute me for going to stick with the rest of members of the camera? Someone might say: "This way there would go only those who have real service vocation".
Insurance? Perhaps only there were going those who could allow it to themselves. Like Pizarro, which might go free. What sound for him 3.400 euros a month? Or for Juan Costa that Young was receiving a million euros per year in Ernst and?
The one that has no problems is Pizarro, which as it comes already forrao from house, since it is a time in the congress, and if he gets bored, since it goes away. Whole is going to win much more out of the Lower House.
It is complicated.
It is clear that all this is solved in a socialistic country, where they do not penalize you in your company for being a public position of certain political parties, or your right to housing is respected, or the right to education is slightly effective and therefore do not have to save for the future of your children...
But we are in a capitalist system. This is what exists.
I insist, believe that the salaries of the public positions must be according to the population whom they represent. And few people receive 169.000 euros per year that they say that he receives Montilla.
Said this, I want to center on what verdaramente worries me.
In one of these mails, a comparable salary one was said that the deputies, for the fact of it being, receive the rest of his life to the maximum pension.
Bond, he is not a saint of my devotion, but I want to quote the letter that was in charge to the mass media trying to counterreduce this campaign.
Good, basing on this information I am going to do a calculation full of guesswork. It is not slightly scientific, if not that I base on intuitions and approaches, and as such, can be wrong:
First of all it is necessary to make clear that the deputies have no right to an annuity. To what they have right it is to a complement on the pension, that it raises the above mentioned compensation to the maxim that it is possible to perceive for the state.
It remains clear that I am against of this measurement, for which IU in due time voted in against, and that up to what I know, nobody of IU has asked for it.
A pension complement recovers once retired, so those who think that a deputy, it it stops being and the rest of his life receives a life salary on account of the congress, are wrong.
Said this, Bond, not the singer, says in his letter that this complement (of which I insist that I am against) it 70 deputies and senators charge up to the date. Yes, 70.
If I am not wrong, the maximum retirement that can recover in this country is 32.068, Euros brutto per year. We are going to deduct 17 % (arbitrary quantity) between whistles and flutes to see all that remains in clear in some: 26616 annual ones. What it gives, distributed in 14 pays, an average salary for 1901 monthly euros. Which, it is bearing very well in mind the pensions of 'widowhood, illness, etc.
The average pension in this country is 874 euros a month. Therefore, telling that a deputy should receive an average pension of this country (that would be surprised already,) a complement should receive on account from all the Spanish for 1025 monthly euros. We know that of 3000 and I sting deputies and senators, only 70 have asked for it. It costs, 70 x 1025 = 71750 euros to the month, which multiplied by 14 pays they do a cost to the arks of the state of: 1.004.500 euros per year.
Such a criticized measurement, that so much it hurts, that so much makes us bleed for the eyes... costs to the Spanish (in a few very generous calculations for the indignant ones) a million per year euros.
While we speak about this million per year euros, we are not speaking about the 50.000 that we have given him to the banks. Not of those that the royal family costs us (does anybody remember 700 million pesetas that we wear out a few years ago in buying a pisito to the principito?).
And while we speak about a million per year euros, with which scarcely it might do very much, we do not speak about 50.000 millions that the government has cut away in social policies, or as the working men we pay more to ranch that those who do financial engineering.
Did you know that we have given him to the Church - alone route imposed - 253 million euros? What to the royal house did we give him in 2004 7,5 million euros?
Do you know all that there receive the advisers of the Bank Santander or of the BBVA? No, we do not know it. Why do not we know it? Because these banks are shareholders of most of the mass media that we consume, and these mass media prefer that we speak about the little that the deputies go to the congress, of supposed annuities... to what they win year after year.
The politics is to mark priorities. If it is necessary to show our anger, which is against the stratospheric salaries that they have the advisers of the IBEX, the speculators, the prominent sportsmen and other type.
And when we have redistributed the wealth that they possess, perhaps it is not necessary to lower the salary to his lordships because ours will have risen at his level.

The madridismo shows his rejection to the monarchy.

I told already to you that it is possible to be from Madrid and from lefts.
Since yesterday on Sunday, the kings received one whistled important in the final of the glass of the king of basketball between Madrid and the Barca. It is whistled it has been a clear declaration of the love there present: culés, merengones and some free Basque there would be, I say.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red week of Hugo

On Friday I am examined of the card and have no time for almost at all. Almost one forgets me to put the red week. There it goes:

From Copse in For a three-quarter bed, the red week returns to Chamberí, from which it should never have gone out, since everybody knows that it is the neuralgic center of the world left.

For sample a button: Fausto Fernández asked Ignacio González (the vice-president of the Community of Madrid that according to the Pomegranate trees spies is walked by Colombia with bags of unknown content) for the golf course of Chamberí, with which he benefited the associates of his brother and of his brother-in-law and which the justice declared illegal. “That you do not say it to me in the street”, answered the leader of the party of the hijoputas and the university ornamental combs. It went out Lucky to the street, took a computer, and one said it in the street.

On February 16, 1936 the Popular Front won in the last democratic elections in many years: the right said to the citizenship that that one was not saying it in the street. In Steel Blochevique we have read a memory of that victory of the left and, therefore, of the democracy. While, Rafa was telling us from Kabila a few intense days on historical memory.

The political week has turned on new fashionable mantra: an agreement of the State that allows us to resign from a few acquired rights and from anyone that we try to conquer. Inés was placing the debate opposite to the hollow words. In the Congress of the Deputies it was discussed, supposedly, on the crisis. In the means it was not possible to find the speech of Gaspar Llamazares, delegated of the third political force: it was necessary to look for it in the Àngels blog. Sometimes the deputies gain themselves the salary, for many demagogy that exists on this matter: viul he was reflecting on the remunerations and privileges of our politicians.

Without need for agreements, almost all the parties agree in any things: while in Holland the governments break to go out of Afghanistan, in Spain the Commission of Defense authorized the mailing of more troops to the war with the affirmative vote of the Spanish socialist party, PP, CiU, PNV and UPyD while IU was supporting the flag of Not to the war. Ceronegativo was telling it to us wondering for the famous tweezer. While, in Diseccionando The Country we saw the manipulations that exist on this occupation war: we can see in photos marines American defending a father and his daughter of the bad talibans … The bad thing is that the same father and the same girl are defended by different marines and in different time exposures in different editions of the newspapers what will do that some evil-minded one suspects that the photo is only a theater to convince us in the kindness of the war.

For tweezer the one that it is necessary to put in the nose on having seen how the town hall in which more I vote for the Spanish socialist party is of Spain, parla (Madrid), gives itself public soil for compound school. In Flies in the Soup it is indicated by wise move that what it should to us differentiate to the left is the defense of the public thing.

In the RASD a united cycle career was celebrated with the Saharan people of the one that should account to herself in Gotes d'aigua. In Basque Country it was Mikel Arana who was reflecting on the possibility of obtaining the peace immediately after the recent declaration of the Left Basque nationalist. And Luis Ángel Aguilar was telling us the curious initiative of the Pazyasos. And while so many people do things for obtaining a more just and pacific world, others are still pawned to the censoring, the threat and the Inquisition: in The Victorian Espeto there was denounced the victory of the Christian fundamentalism that has managed to close an exhibition because the new torquemadas did not like that other persons could see it freely.

Finally, I want to indicate a text that I liked very much: we are a country in which there is very few political militancy and in which the scarce democratic culture stigmatizes the political militancy. That's why it makes illusion see how the utility of the militancy is recognized when we make use of it to give voice to groups who would not have voice without IU. Manolo Lay counts his case, which is representative of some of the gratifications that the militancy allows in Izquierda Unida.

The next week The Red Week will be prepared by Fight. How is life very far of Chamberí, it is possible that it does not go out for him badly. Let's trust in it.

On Orlando Zapata

My position with Cuba, I made his people and his politics well clear in a post 8 months ago. I am not a person who hides. I could not have written on this topic earlier for two motives: it was tied up by personal topics and I do not like rushing.
There are the people who prefers to be the first one in writing on something and in marking position quickly. This usually brings a serious error, the absence of rigorousness.
I am going to make a thing clear from the beginning so that nobody prevaricates my words; I am sorry about any death in any place of the world. I have never been a supporter not neither of the torture, or of the death penalty or anything similar.
Therefore, to raise at a height of political martyr Orlando Zapata seems a little so excessive as unjustified to me. Moreover, to consider it a political activist, is to be missing to the reality.
Yoani Sanche z is a political activist. Fibber, yes, but activist. His position and his activity is known. We know the position and activity of many Cuban who are against of the political system that exists in Cuba. We even know the existence of a group of organized women who demonstrate in Cuba whenever they think that they have to do it.
I am not going to enter in debating the political positions of these people, because I believe that it is already more than refuted by persons who deserve very much respect to me and who make it better than I.
But nobody with an objectivity minimum can correct to the Cuban dictatorship system, when in this country the opponents demonstrate when they want, write what they think and none of them, for being evident or for thinking, has trodden on the jail.
The Cuban Socialism, like all the political systems, has his wise moves and his errors. Those that we consider Marxists we do analysis more possible targets (without neglecting the ideology) to come closer to the maximum the reality. Only across a realistic analysis we can come to a few accurate conclusions. I do not even defenses at any cost, not irrational criticism on nothing. My ideology is marked by the analysis that I do, not the other way round.
For me the Marxism is a method of analysis of scientific approach. And like Marxist, I try not to allow me to go neither for fashions, tags nor nothing for the style.
In a dictatorship not perimite neither the right of assembly, nor declaration nor opinion. In Cuba these three rights are guaranteed entirely nowadays. For not speaking about the aptitude to choose or of being chosen for any public position.
There will be the people who will say to me that I am wrong. The accepted thing, but that demonstrates me with information or facts in what I it am.
Saying this, I recapture the initial topic.
Every criticism, inside or out of the island, which is done as regards the government or Cuban system, it is amplified to the maximum. Up to such a point that the dissolved Commission of Human rights of the UNO, in 2003 there prepared a list of supposed political prisoners (I do not say that they are, if not that prepared a list where it was said that they were), where in no side his name appears.
That's why we did not know the existence of Orlando Zapata, because he has ever been a political activist.
It is necessary to be rigorous with the affirmations that we do.
This man entered the jail for the first time in 1988 for committing crimes of the type "Swindle, Injuries, Tenancy of Cutting weapons, Alteration of the Order, Damages and resistance."
If this there are political crimes, 80 % of the prisoners of this country should receive the same consideration.
According to The World, the hunger strike was "after the Government was refusing to accept his demands, between them, dress the white clothes of dissident and not the uniform of common recluse. Also, he protested for the conditions in which the political prisoners are and refused to eat the ranch that provides the penalty, in his place, to feed only on the meal that, every three months, his mother was taking him to the jail".
This political martyr it is for wanting to dress clothes of color different from that of the rest of recluses. It is the only "political activity" of which we have had knowledge for any mass communication media.
There are the people who criticizes the action of the Cuban government in this case. Some of them believe that he has died for omission of the government. What should have done? To feed it by force?. The necessary feeding is considered to be a form of torture, since it goes against the free determination of an individual.
What would be said if one had fed by force Orlando Zapata?
It is necessary to criticize Cuba, as to Venezuela, Spain or Germany, in what we think that one harms. But it is not necessary to distort the reality to justify our opinions.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And now Venezuela

After the political bacchanal and mediática that some of them have given themselves news being invented on Cuba, now there touches another enemy to be beaten, Venezuela.
Probably be a coincidence, but it is necessary to see that coincidences it has the life.
The front of almost all the digital editions of the big mass media they take a few days giving the news of which there are connections between ETA, Chavez and the FARC.
Quite being based that the Judge Velasco imputes certain crimes to the government of Venezuela, with tests that according to Interpol, are illegal.
These tests are the obtained ones of a portable one that seized to a leader of the FARC, dead in an operation of the Colombian army. Portable saying, we remember, was two days in hands of the Colombian army, until it was delivered to INTERPOL.
And of these tests, I insist, not recognized like valid for proper Interpol, a judge extracts an imputation of the puñeta.
Of this we can extract two rapid conclusions:
1) Against the left governments in Latin America it costs any lie or average truth, them to try to discredit. An effect will be always generated cracked in the means, and his spokesmen will join insufficiently.
2) In this country the transition happened in many ambiences, but the judicature escaped skillfully.

I insist, in Spain the sparrows shoot against the hunters.

Yes darlings / experts friends / experts. I commented already to you in an occasion, if you did not know it, that in this country in which we live, the fighters against the corruption were denounced by the supposed corrupt ones.
The case is repeated, and again they shoot against IU. Curiosities of the life.
In this occasion the honest one has been Marina Albiol delegated of the Valencian courts. This partner has committed the serious supposed crime of distributing in 2007 the sticker that this post accompanies.
For distributing this sticker, the Top Court of Justice - that apparently does not have things more important to be investigated - it has opened procedure for terms of abuse and calumnies against the deputy of Esquerra Unida of the Country Valencia.
The informer has 8 crimes imputed behind him. Not for distributing stickers, if not for bribery, corruption, crimes against the public funds... And they must be serious, because it takes several imputed years, and the cases do not stop being judged.
The curiosity happens, that the holders of the courts entrusted to investigate the cases against Fabra, usually go away without finishing his work. Any thought-out evil would say that it is that they receive pressures to go away. But since in this blog we do not characterize ourselves for thinking evil, we will not say it.
Fabra is an uncle suertudo, since apparently it has touched him the lottery in three occasions. Two million euros were the last time.
Changing topic, I am going to tell you a youth anecdote: a teacher of mathematics in the institute told to us that it was habitual to whiten dirty money (that is to say, to make the illegal money legal) buying prize-winning tickets. The mechanics is simple, you have, for setting, 2,3 million euros in black. You find out that to your neighbor they have touched 2 millions in an any drawing. You approach and say to him "neighbor looks, I buy to you the ticket for 2,3 millions".
If the neighbor gains access, you have lost 0,3 million euros, but you have gained the possibility of using 2 million euros that earlier you could not.
I do not know why I have remembered this anecdote.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Red week of Flies in the soup

I leave you with the selection of this week, in charge of Flies in the Soup:

Gorka Esparza, our correspondent in Brobdingnag does to himself echo of a declaration that takes as a target to harden the Law of the Minor and aims, correctly, at the political persons in charge who are putting themselves to the photo of a conservative reform.

David, there was done echo of one of the news about the week: the happy moments for the body that some judges give themselves on account of relating the bacon to the speed. In his blog there is an article about the most finished thing about the seasoning mounted by Mister Velasco.

Leolo rises the question to himself of porqué the financial markets do not attack to any hyperindebted countries and it comes to the conclusion that dog does not eat dog (good, Javier Burón says it otherwise more accurate, with analysis and information).

On account of the contract it sounds that the management one has tried to put us, Antonio thinks that we already only lack the kick right. This is what has that in this State there keeps on being the management one of the XIXth century and going down, whose consideration of the rights of the workpeople has remained painted the portrait. Days later, Ceronegativo extended the right of kick of the CEOE to mark the workpeople. Exaggerated?. You rely on Díaz Ferrán and do not run …

Inés tells us the indignation that we have felt many when we have read when the Supreme Court has admitted to step the personación of the imputed one as Thong against Waiter and it relates to the positions of the administration that Aguirre, so generous she, puts at the disposal of more ultra. Kings also she declares herself harmed and offended by the same matter which roots, they remember, they sink his roots in the parliament of Madrid, with three imputed deputies voting to choir with those of the PP.

Continuing with a justice more similar to a seasoning, Viul puts a photo of a Fabra to us in streaks suit. In this country of the story the other way round, Marina Albiol has been denounced by the illustrious personage of local customs and manners of Castellón. The sparrows shoot the hunters. Hugo does also support campaign to the deputy. (if they the linkage does not work, blame to the meeting the trócola).

Another correspondent of ours, this one in Kabila, orders a message to those who say to us that Cuba fractures the left and one forgets them to include between the forceps of the separation, those elements of the national politics that suppose more barriers than the flaw of San Francisco between IU and the Spanish socialist party.

Iñaki does to himself echo of the debate initiated in the Catalan parliament on the popular legislative initiative to eliminate study them of braus. A lot of envy gives me to me not to be a Catalan in these moments for the respect showed by the Parliament to debate a popular initiative. In the communities governed by the PP, while the education and the health begin to have to be considered like politics about to extinction as he reminds Windows of the Falcon to us, one declares the bulls Well of Cultural Interest. Priorities question, I fix.

Angels does not forget the Greek tragedy. That one which images are limited to the elementary form in the news and that demonstrates a village to us in struggle for his rights. Angels points at the responsibility of Goldman Sachs in the subsidence of the Hellene country.

And the next week will be Fernando, privileged correspondent of the saw of Madrid from the Quarry alpedreteña the one that has to defoliate the red week.