Sunday, March 14, 2010

Red week of kabila

From Kabila, taking the Àngels relief, here I leave them with the selection of the week of IloveIU:

Fix one of the topics it has been the called pensionazo, on him several blogueros have written. Alberto with rigor and knowledge has written from his Altereconomía. Also they it have done some of our institutional charges. It is the case of Nuet, Fat person and Mikel Arana, between others.

There are topics that are always white hot for the left. Especially when they are in danger the decisions that take and one tries to give reverse gears with privatizations. This way Àngels tells us how it sees Swampy soils the future of the Health, Windows speaks of reinforcing a minimum for Education and Leolo does a comparison wise and documented on the way that is taking the Housing with the current Basque autonomic government.

And like not, there is always big worry for topics appellants like the Equality, Work exactly criticizes the absence of equality that reigns in the Real Academy. Hugo, enters another worrying topic – the corruption - and does an opportune comparison between two facts that have produced this week to themselves.

Another question mediática of the week has been the place of the ATC (euphemism for which one knows now to the nuclear cemetery), and Alvaro has spoken about it from Copse and, finally, we see how from his quarry, Fernando, tells us that the People's Party of Alpedrete, - immersed in a supposed “town-planning corruption” - he does not vote in favor of the repair of the memory of Miguel Hernández in the year of his centenary, but less evil: hallelujah, we are saved! — his mayoress admits that Franco “did some things badly”.

This has been quite this week, the next capture the witness Álvaro from Copse in For a three-quarter bed.

Health and Republic

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