Monday, March 15, 2010

Letter to The Country

Dear advocate of the reader of The Country:
I read wonderingly that according to a survey that you have entrusted to the company Metroscopia, which usually does the opinion polls that you publish, the PP apmplía his advantage on the Spanish socialist party in almost 6 percentage difference points.
Also I can go so far as to know the level of acceptance of the politics exercised by the government and the principal opposition camp. Or the one whom there create the interrogated persons that it is going to gain the next elections.
Thanks to this article of Fernando Garea,, I can know that 64 % of interrogated persons disapproves the management of the Executive, that 76 % says to entrust little or not at all in him and that also it coincides with percentage with those who think that Shoemaker takes decisions about the march.
It be fixed that knowing all that, what I do not know is what thinks 19,1 % of this country. And I do not know it because I understand that the desire does not give to you of publishing it.
According to his study, we do not know the one who would vote for almost 20 % of Spanish. Not only we do not know the card técina, which gives what to think very much on the transparence of the above mentioned survey, if not that we see cercenada the vote option closely of 2,3 million Spanish.
With the winds that run, they should not despise 20 % of the population, since with the multitude of mass media that exist, perhaps they might lose 20 % of readership.

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